Higher Life


Based on the corporate identity of “Stride,” HL’s wordmark visualizes a more progressive image of moving forward and opening a new chapter. For the
color of the wordmark, we used distinctive sky blue color for a more futuristic image while building upon Halla’s iconic color (blue).
Also, the graphic motif pointing to the right expresses boldness and innovation.

만도 CI 워드마크 데스크탑 이미지 만도 CI 워드마크 모바일 이미지


Color plays a key role in establishing a brand’s image. Therefore use of colors outside the regulations may
distort our brand image or undermine communication, so be careful when using it.

Primary Color

  • HL Sky Blue

    PANTONE 299C
    C79 M3 Y0 K0
    R0 G180 B237
    HEX #00B4ED
  • HL Black

    PANTONE Black 6C
    C60 M40 Y40 K100
    R2 G10 B10
    HEX #020A0A

Secondary Color

  • HL White

    PANTONE 000C
    C0 M0 Y0 K0
    R255 G255 B255
  • HL Navy

    PANTONE 281C
    C100 M78 Y0 K46
    R0 G43 B104
    HEX #002B68

Metalic Color

  • Gold

    PANTONE 871C
    C30 M40 Y70 K0
    R192 G152 B93
    HEX #C09A5D
  • Silver

    PANTONE 877C
    C0 M0 Y0 K40
    R178 G178 B178
    HEX #B2B2B2

Background colors

Background colors are defined as a protocol as they play an important role in establishing our brand image and expressing the
identity. We recommend using white as a background color to clearly express our brand’s identity.
However, depending on circumstances, combinations with the following background colors below are allowed.

배경색상활용 표 배경색상활용 표 배경색상활용 표

Design motif

HL's graphic motif was created based on the most characteristic inclination of HL's logo.
We can expand the use of the logo in media and deliver the intended meaning more effectively.
The motif can be applied alone, but we recommend using it with a wordmark if possible.

디자인 모티프 이미지 디자인 모티프 이미지 디자인 모티프 이미지