Talent We Look For


Talented Employees are the Most Valuable Assets of Companies

Talented employees spirit of challenge, creative passion, integrity, internationalism and expertise!
They are the ones we are looking for as the future growth engine of Halla Group.

Creative Individuals with Dream and Passion

Clear sense of purpose (“No. 1 in my chosen field”) , high motivation, spirit of challenge,
passion, and creativity

Honest and Moral Individuals

High morality combined with honesty, diligence, cooperation, good common sense,
and ability to implement things to ensure contribution to society, content of community
members, satisfaction of customers, and profits

Individuals with Global Mind and Competence

Professionals with unmatched, global expert knowledge and skills and abilities to apply
them to given assignments rending superior performance, who will be able to survive
cut-throat international competition and ensure continued survival and prosperity